What’s now and next for Johnson & Johnson…

Could the recent review for Johnson & Johnson be attributed to the recalls?  Can their partnership with the documentary Babies get them out of their current mess? Possibly J&J doesn’t need as much help as we think.

While the company may not have handled their recent debacle as appropriately as they could (and should!) have, J&J seems to be holding up pretty well.

I think it’s their rebutable reputation. Not just mom’s trust (or lack there of right now) in the brand, but it goes beyond. I’ve always been facinated in the brands moms (or any consumer, really) goes with. it plays into the nostalgia aspect of things. What detergent did your mom use growing up? Do you use the same kind? If not, is it because it wasn’t on sale last week? When you do purchase it do you get that little flutter inside? Probably not everytime you pick it up off the shelf, but I bet you’ve had one of those “dive down and sniff in between the folds of a warm tshirt and lift the head with closed eyes and a smile-tide commercial-esc way. Well, it’s the same way with J&J baby lotions and Baby Tylenol or Motrin. Moms have relied on them for their kids in the past. They made them feel better. They were recalled back in January, and again. But what happened between then and now? Johnson and Johnson came out on top at ___ shares. They have been named the most reputable company. Mom forgot about what happened back in January because Mom forgot what happened she fed the kids yesterday and why her 3 year old was crying.

But for the second time in 4 months, mom might stop and think. she’s definitely not happy with tway J&J is handling their current crisis, feeling uninformed and skeptical of the brand she’s trusted for so many years. While she may have a bitter taste in her mouth a bit (and a generic-resembling bubble gum in her child’s), I think she’ll put it all behnd her. After the $10-30+ of recalled medicine she has tossed, do you really think the Melt Away Stress Lavendar & Chamomile lotion, diaper rash creams and all will follow suit? At the very least mom will stick to the generic medicine she pulled off the shelves at her local drug store, realizing it’s just as effective and half the price. But I have a feeling if she’s loyal to Johnson&Johnson baby care, the brand won’t suffer too much. The forums will calm, the tweets will begin to rest.

Afterall, while J&J’s Micneil is doing wrong, J&J are also doing some things right. They are putting their 2.4mm baby care line up for review, looking for a new advertising agency to handle their creative duties. In times like these, a brand new campaign or voice (or just a new way or fresh way of doing things) can’t hurt (side note: As an avid mommy marketer and ad industry professional myself, I can’t help but wish my agency would acquire the business, but that’s another post). Not to mention, they’ve partnered with documentary, Babies — which couldn’t have happened at a better time, which debuted mother’s day weekend. They might be totally out of the clear had they aired a commercial such as the <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENdXwfoWYF8&feature=player_embedded”>Pamper’s mother’s day ad</a> that even brought my straight & single best guy friend, 22 to tears.


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